Ethiopian Natural Sidamo

Ethiopian Natural Sidamo

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Africa’s famous Great Rift Valley has long been considered a likely locale for the birthplace of humanity. It’s also a likely locale for the birthplace of coffee. It is here that the lush, green Sidamo coffee growing region is found.

Farmers in this region grow many different heirloom varietals of native Arabica coffee beans, which also grow wild on the hillsides of Sidamo. They pool their coffee beans at a coffee co-op, and the diversity of varietals yields coffee of wonderful complexity.

This is a washed coffee and In the washed coffee process, the coffee bean is removed from the coffee cherry, fermented to remove the mucilage, and then dried. 


Full-bodied with excellent acidity. An unusually silky flavor, a full well-balanced body, an intensity which fills the palate, and a superb, beguiling aroma that creates an outstanding eloquent profile.

THE FACTS . . . 

Location:  Province of Sidamo, sub-region of Dale

Altitude: 5000-6000 feet

Varietal:  Arabica

Process:  Washed

Drying:  Bed dried

Harvest:  October - March

Roast:  Dark Roast.  Whole Bean.