Kenya AA Organic

Kenya AA Organic

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Kenya is the giant of African coffee production.  It is the largest bean grown in Kenya, and brews a complex, fruity, light, and very bright cup. This is an exquisite cup with an assertive, lively personality. 

Kenya AA coffee, which is grown at elevations of 4,900 to 6,800 feet, is nearing the top of the list of the world's finest Arabica bean coffees. When it comes to coffee production, Kenya has a reputation for absolute excellence, especially because it lies near the region where coffee beans originated.

These gourmet coffee beans are grown on volcanic soils and are wet-processed; the beans are harvested, immediately removed from the cherries, and washed to remove the excess pulp. This process causes the coffee to have a full body of flavor with a heavy acidity. 


This dark-roasted, Kenyan coffee is denoted by the grade AA, meaning it is large in size as well as flavor. With a sharp acidity and a bold and heavy body, Kenya AA is layered with hints of fruit, giving it a complex sweetness and pungent aroma.  Slightly savory with notes of chocolate, black currant, and citrus. Bright acidity with good body.

THE FACTS . . . 

Location:  Nyeri – Mount Kenya (Northern Kenya)

Altitude:  1,500 meters – grown on highland slopes

Varietal:  Bourbon

Process:  Fully washed

Drying:  Dried on elevated African drying tables

Roast:  Dark.  Whole Bean.