Farmer's Market of Bluffton

Farmer's Market of Bluffton

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THE STORY . . . 

While transitioning from one career to another, I had the awesome opportunity to be one of the original vendors at The Farmer's Market of Bluffton, in South Carolina. We were small. Only ten vendors. Bluffton Muffin was my company and it was the catapult for The Cottage. 

It has been 6 years now that this Farmer's Market has been around, and we have been vendors ever since. Watching it grow and develop into one of the most diverse, interesting and versatile markets has been a privilege. 

This blend is for all the people who participate and frequent all Farmer's Markets across the world! A dedication to those who love what nature has to offer and sustains the small vendors and farmers!


Vanilla, Caramel, Black Licorice


Medium-Bodied. Full City Roast.  Low Acidity.  Whole Bean.  Multi-Region.  Fair Trade.