Garage Blend

Garage Blend

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THE STORY . . . 

After graduating from coffee roasting school, I couldn't wait to get a roaster and start saving the world from bad coffee. A sample roaster came my way via Craig's List, a Maggiolino. I bid on green beans during a Grounds for Health auction (a great and valuable cause!), and ended up winning way more beans that I should have been allowed. And it was approaching July in the South. Which means HUMIDITY! And that means death for green coffee beans! So I had to roast fast. And furiously!  And the only place that was available was my garage. So I set up and got busy. Yes, this blend was created in my garage!  It was my first blend, and the one that got me hooked on blending coffee. I still have hope that the world can be saved from bad coffee!! But I no longer have that sentiment while roasting in my garage, now I have it while roasting in my shed.


The rich volcanic soil of Costa Rica gives this coffee amazing character, and the high elevation infuses the beans with great depth of flavor. Roasted to three different profiles, this organic coffee comes from a family plantation and a leader in innovative, sustainable coffee growing. You will taste your way up the volcano.

Honey, Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Berry


Medium-Bodied. City/Medium Roast.  Bright Acidity.  Whole Bean.  Latin America.  Fair Trade. Organic.